Monday, 20 February 2012

Video SMS for schools and colleges

Video SMS is one of the recent technologies that have burst into the tech world. But not many are aware of it till now. While the name gives the notion that it is all about fun and frolic, in reality it might be used in a number of other ways too. Many organisations have now started using video sms for business reasons. Academic institutions can also use video SMS for their own benefit.

How about video essays?

With the world going green, when you are teaching the kids lessons on global warming, why ask the same kids to write essays on papers? There is another problem for which advocacy of video essays will stand a chance. There are a lot of people who have Glossophobia or the ‘fear of public speaking’. This can be helped by letting the students practice speaking out aloud video essays from their very childhood.

Clearing doubts with teachers at anytime from anywhere!

A lot of times students face problems after they reach home with their homework. This mainly happens when students go on vacations. For clearing certain doubts students can get in touch with their teachers through simple video SMS. The teachers can see them once they are free and can revert back, thus helping their students. Often students forget about the doubts if they wait for the next day or after the holidays to go to school and ask the same. That will no longer happen with video SMS making its way.

Video resumes for getting that attention!

Final year university students can send out their video resumes to potential employers. Amidst a heap of resumes, students might have better chance to prove their worth as they send in their video resumes to different organisations. There is no denying the fact that first impression is the last impression, and visual messages enhances the chances to prove one’s worth in the form of a visual resume.

Get video messaging

Looking up on the internet will help one choose a site that allows users to send videos of unlimited size and time. Registering on it will enable one to send video message and video mail instantly. Video scrap and videoblog can also be enjoyed from the sites. 

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